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  • Transit


    USSC has comfortable options for both passengers and operators of buses, subways, and light-rail systems. We focus on four things in the design of these seats: comfort, durability, cost-effectiveness, and maintainability. We aim to bring you an affordable seat that will last, please and...

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  • Military


    These are the most advanced blast-absorbing and blast-deflecting seating and restraint systems for the latest generations of armored and soft-skinned combat vehicles. These systems not only minimize the impact of a range of kinetic threats, but also protect against the effects...

    All Military Seating
  • First Responders

    First Responders

    Valor - USSC Valor Seating is the leader in safety and survivability solutions for firefighters. Our first responder seating allows for safe transport of our fire fighters to where they are needed most. Our seating solutions allow for the quickest possible ingress and egress from the vehicle.

    All First Responders Seating
  • Rail & Locomotive

    Rail & Locomotive

    The USSC Rail and Locomotive series includes operator seats suitable for many different locomotive types, with varying sizes and functions. There is variety in backrest heights, seat cushions, and adjustment features, as well as choice of upholstery materials, armrests and EZ glide wall track system.

    All Rail & Locomotive Seating
  • Off Road

    Off Road

    Off-Road (Specialty) - USSC is a leader in off-road and specialty seating. USSC outfits many extreme duty vehicles with customized seating that is built to last. By leveraging our military heritage and technology, USSC creates durable off-road seating designed for maximum...

    All Off Road Seating

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